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Would you like me to hand you a custom designed Closing Blueprint for just $1? 

Designed by me right in front of you in your Closing Blueprint Reveal Session so you can have a predictable sales strategy that could double your closing percentages without using hardcore closing techniqes? 

From the desk of Jessica Magoch, Award-Winning 9 Figure Sales Leader

Buckingham, PA 

I'd like to personally invite you to join me for a Custom Closing Blueprint Reveal Session…  

Where I’ll draw your very own step-by-step custom Closing Blueprint based on my 8 Step Closing Code and apply it directly to your business…  

Based around the concept that customers buy first emotionally and back it up with logic…  

This is the same strategy we used to generate over $100M in revenue in just 3 years. 

It will get out of the hamster wheel trying to figure out how to close sales, overcome impossible objections, and chase customers who have gone dark…  

For a limited time, you can reserve your spot for a custom Closing Blueprint Reveal Session for just $1…  

It’s what I call giving Value in Advance.  

During our call, I’ll get to know your business, your goals and your challenges.  

Then I’ll flip the screen and draw your own custom closing blueprint right in front of your eyes.  

At the end of the call, you have three choices:  

Option One: If you don’t feel you’ve received value, you owe me nothing more. This has literally never happened, but I am so confident you will receive value that I’m taking away all your risk here…  

Option Two: If you have, your card will be charged the balance of $97 at the end of your session…  

And you’ll get a copy of the blueprint emailed to you along with a recording of the call.  

You’ll also receive a bonus complimentary month inside The Sales Launch Code where you can uncover the full training on everything I know about recruiting, training, and leading a 9 figures sales team.  

Option Three: Then, if it makes sense, you can choose to join me in one my one-on-one coaching programs where we work together for six weeks on your sales strategy, sales pitch, sales skills and sales playbook and apply the 8 Step Closing Code to your business with me as your sales coach. 

Learning how to sell with authenticity and integrity is a gamechanger. And having someone coach you through it is the fastest way to reach your goals.  

If you want to help more people but do not want to use the popular high-pressure, pushy sales tactics, then you need to book a call with me.  

But this is not for everyone. You must meet this criteria: 

  • You offer a high ticket products direct to consumer or business to business (coaching, consulting, training, software, insurance, financial services are all areas we’ve coached people in)
  • Your product or service provides true value and fills a need in the market.
  • You are passionate about what you are selling.  

If all those are okay with you, you can check out below for your $1 Deposit, and then you'll be directed to a calendar page where you can reserve the next spot and complete a short application so I can be better prepared for your call.  

Please invite any business partners and colleagues on the call that are involved in sales or making decisions about the sales process for your company so you can get the most out of the session (spouses welcome and encouraged!)  

I can’t wait to meet you there!  


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Product Options:

  • Custom Closing Blueprint Reveal Session - $1 USD Deposit

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Custom Closing Blueprint Reveal Session
Custom Closing Blueprint Reveal Session

Please Note: The Closing Blueprint Reveal Session is valued at over $497 and is first come, first served. You will be charged $97 at 5pm on the day following your Session. If you aren't satisfied for any reason, let us know at or at the end of the call and we won't charge you a cent!

"High Impact and Rare"

Jessica worked brilliantly with our EDSi fellows.

Jess' work was particularly useful because, while it touched the strategy and the financial model of each business, it stayed clearly on the sales (customer acquisition) side. This is both high impact and rare. 

Her feedback and insights were rich in context and given with empathy and understanding. It is clear to me from working with her that Jess has deep knowledge underneath her comments.

-Leslie Mitts, CEO, UPENN's Education Design Studio, Former Practice Director, Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs, & CEO of Phoenician Ventures.

My Solid Gold Guarantee

Pay only $1 to reserve your Custom Closing Blueprint Reveal Session. At the end of the call, if you don't feel you've received huge value, just let us know and you won't be charged another cent.

What others are saying...

"We came away with a plan that truly made sense for us"

As a startup, sales is particularly challenging due to many competing priorities and lack of formal training on the part of the senior team. 

After working with Jess for even a short period of time, we came away with a plan that truly made sense for us and gave us confidence that we could attain our goal. 

I highly recommend JPM Partners for anyone looking to get their arms around their sales goals and strategy!

- Jennifer Anderson, Co-Founder at Sustrana | Helping Companies Build Focused Sustainability Program

Here's what you'll receive

  • One-on-One 60 minute Strategy Session
  • Custom Closing Blueprint for Your Business
  • 6 Week Action Plan to Help You Start Implementing your Blueprint
  • Clarity, Confidence and Focus when it comes to Closing
  • No more "Winging It' or "Trial an Error" 
  • Complimentary first month in The Sales Launch Code so you can start Applying your Strategy right away 

"10/10 for sure!"

Loving this course so far! So insightful and the more courses I do the more I am believing that sales is actually really easy! So far, it has helped me understand my customers on a whole new level.  

This course will literally be a life saver, time saver, and help make sales even easier. It's super interactive, very insightful and fun! Jess is fantastic and makes learning sales very exciting! The way things are explained is easily understood and very transferable. 10/10 for sure.  

- Danny Budd-Doyle, Independent Sales Director CommissionCrowd

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